A big section was taped off to the right of us, and there were a lot of empty seats across the arena from where we were sitting. Nonetheless, the crowd was a lot of fun, and was really into the show.

Daniel Bryan is by far the most popular superstar in the WWE right now. Every time he came out or did anything in the ring, the crowd was electric for him.

Several people that I was talking to were disappointed that neither Randy Orton or the Wyatt Family were on the show.

The crowd was pretty dead for the Sheamus vs. Del Rio match, and were REALLY dead for the total divas segment with The Miz.

Biggest pops of the night (in my opinion):
1) RVD
2) Daniel Bryan (he was the most over all night, but didn’t get the initial reaction that RVD did)
3) CM Punk
4) Mark Henry when he talked about being a native Texan

Biggest heat:
1) Paul Heyman, especially when he talked about Texans
2) John Cena (at the beginning of the night, he was cheered pretty well in the dark match)

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