Source: Mike Johnson

I was in attendance at the 2013 WWE Money in the Bank PPV last night at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. There were a number of injuries and guys banged up during the MITB All Stars match. The ringside doctors were all over the place trying to treat guys and clean them up during the bout. We’ll have confirmed updates on everyone as we receive them but Sheamus, Christian, Rob Van Dam and CM Punk were all really banged up after the show.

Cody Rhodes was also busted open hardway during the Money in the Bank World title briefcase bout. No word yet on what treatment he required.

After the PPV, Randy Orton celebrated and headed to the back. Punk was helped out as well.

WWE filmed a segment where they attempted to get Paul Heyman to explain his turn on Punk but were blown off. There is a big angle set for tomorrow on Raw to follow this up.

There was HEAVY promotion for the Total Divas E! reality series outside the event. There were 4-5 stations set up with promotional material for the reality show, as well as cardboard cutouts of the women for fans to take photos with. There were also staffers giving away Sunscreen and Lip Gloss with the Total Divas logo on it.

WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund was at the show. WWE had a deal where you could meet Backlund and take a photo with him that was placed onto a mock WWE Magazine cover, then have it printed and signed for $30.

The Rock’s mother and daughter were at the PPV, sitting in the front row.

“Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe was also visiting at the PPV.

For EVERYONE who asked, the fan who threw stuff at Chris Jericho on the floor was tossed out by security immediately. I don’t know why someone would spend hundreds of dollars on a ringside seat and then act like an idiot, but that’s just me.

WWE had new shirts for CM Punk and Rob Van Dam for sale. The RVD shirt had Philadelphia and the date on the back, a specialized version of his new shirt.

WWE was also selling an oversized photo of RVD and Paul Heyman from the night Van Dam won the WWE title in 2006 signed by both.

WWE pushed a 10/13 return to the market for a house show.
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