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I just got home from the Smackdown tapings in Columbus, Ohio. I just wanted to add a couple of things to your spoilers:

The Building was nowhere near a sellout. ALL of the upper deck was tarped off, half of the middle level, AND a section in the lower bowl. It was a little depressing.

The team that Los Matadors defeated was actually Ricardo Rodriguez and Tyson Kidd dressed up as luchadors.

Sandow was WAY over with this crowd. In competition for the biggest pop of the night. The match he and Del Rio had is really a must see. Those 2 worked their asses off.

After the dark main, Del Rio was laid out with Sister Abigail and then Sandow ran out to tease a cash in. He was laid out as well. Everyone Left except Sandow and the night ended with him getting a standing ovation as he made his way to the back.

1.) Cody Rhodes & Goldust
2.) Damien Sandow
3.) R-Truth

1.) Vickie
2.) Del Rio
3.) Axel w/Heymen
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