WWE head writer David Kreizman ended up extending his stay withthe company until mid-August because his original direction built to SummerSlam and the company wanted him to stick around and see it through. Additionally, WWE wanted Kreizman to be involved withtraining his successor. There was said to be a general feeling in WWE that the new writer would have problems with the pressure in building towards a big event such as SummerSlam, whereas now he will be able to ease himself into the position and get comfortable from September through December before the next big event, WrestleMania, comes around.

Regarding creative changes, Stephanie McMahon’s role is said to have been minimized, as she’s now only involved when needed.

Brian James has been put into creative because the company wants a “wrestling guy” in on meetings now that Michael Hayes mainly communicates via telephone.

As far as the major television re-writes on Monday’s and Tuesday’s, David Kapoor (Ranjin Singh) was in charge of those, however his position too has changed recently. Kapoor now delegates the workload to the writers after Vince McMahon himself makes his changes. Kapoor also interacts with television people, the WWE App people and the WWE.com people to make sure they are aware of all late-changes.

Ed Koskey is now the lead writer for WWE RAW, while Ryan Ward, who comes in highly respected for his work in NXT, has been promoted to lead writer of SmackDown.

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