Mick Foley was recently on MLW Radio & here are some highlights of what they talked about:

- The Wyatt Family: "I love the [Wyatt Family] videos. I really do. I think they're going to be an instant hit. I'm already looking down the road at a Shield vs. Wyatt Family WrestleMania match. A meeting of the maniacs."

- Foley revealed his original plan for his WWE Hall of Fame induction, which was shot down by Vince McMahon: "I pointed out to Vince that I'd never had any pyrotechnics during the entirety of my career. I thought it might be special if at the end of my speech at the Hall of Fame I could somehow ascend into the rafters on a slay with Santa Claus. Vince looked at me like I was just out of my mind and let me know in no uncertain terms that was not going to happen."'

You can listen to the show at this link -  MLW.com

-WWE star C.M. Punk will appear at the Wizard World New York City Experience on Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET. Tickets are available at Wizardworld.com

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