– Current NWA World Heavyweight champion Rob Conway had aninterview with the PW Torch Livecast where he revealed that he had been offered a deal to return to the WWE.

He said: “They talked to me about becoming a trainer and moving down to Florida and training the new guys and not really traveling on the road or being on television. We never really got to the point where we talked money and all that. We just kind of talked about it. I live in Indiana and the plan is to one day maybe run for mayor here, so for me to move to Florida – at the time, I still have a lot left in my tank to be a wrestler. I still like to wrestle and travel. I’m not ready to start coaching yet.”

Conway’s next match will be a title defense against Chris Masters, who he said he’s never wrestled in a single match before. The matchwill take place tonight in Houston at the “Parade of Champions: Paul Boesch Memorial Show.” The card also includes an NWA Tag Title vs. IWGP Tag Title match. You can find details here.

– The TV station that usually airs World Wrestling League (WWL) had an error when they aired a rerun of a previous episode for the WWL show instead of today’s “go-home” show before their iPPV tomorrow. This is the third time this has happened with the TV station.

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