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According to a sources, the McMahon family is said to be happy with their current angle and feel that it is compelling television that plays off of reality. The storyline is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.
The USA Network actually wanted the McMahon family to be featured prominently again, and Vince and Stephanie both felt that the timing was right since it has been years since they've been recurring characters on TV. Stephanie in particular was open to returning to a televised role throughout the summer since her children are on summer vacation, which allows her to take them on the road along with her maid and assistants.

In a related note, writers apparently checked with Vince during rehearsals about the backstage segment on RAW this past Monday night to confirm that he wanted to tell Triple H that he was "bigger than a match with Curtis Axel." Vince was said to be insistent that the wording be what was shown on the air, which was similar to language on last week's episode knocking Joe Hennig as a top star.

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