The Miz recently spoke with Australia’s Herald Sun to promote the company’s tour of the country. Check out the highlights:

On John Cena’s influence on his career: “John Cena made me realise what I had to do to get ahead in this business You have to make your own way to the top because no one’s going to give the spot to you. Most of all you have to make the audience believe (in your character). No matter what they’re saying about it, you always have to make them believe.”

On CM Punk being his polar opposite: “I enjoy the limelight, walking the red carpet, living in Hollywood and doing stuff like that. And Punk, well, he’s not what you’d call a `corporate person’. I think the big differences in who we are as people, and as characters, would make for a great feud.”

On Ric Flair “passing down” the Figure Four to him: “If you told me, when I was a kid, Ric Flair would be passing the Figure Four to me, I would have smacked you in the face and called you a liar. To be mentioned in the same sentence as those two legendary names, well, I haven’t the words to describe the feeling. Those two men are icons in our business, they are stars, and it’s humbling to be put into that company. Hopefully the older fans can see, or will realise, I’m doing the move as an homage to them, not to replace them.”

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