Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As Noted earlier, WWE is planning a WWE Studios biopic about Bruno Sammartino in regard to his new deal with WWE. The film will be produced and directed by Paul Rosenfelt, who co-wrote the film along with Paul Guay (Liar, Liar). The film will cover Sammartino’s life, starting with him as a sickly child in Italy hiding from the Nazi through his wrestling career, up into the present day.

Rosenfelt said in the past week that casting the lead role wouldn’t be easy, though his talks with the company about the film are “serious.” The film is being planned to cover Sammartino’s career in an honest and accurate manner, with several of Sammartino’s noteworthy opponents and other major players being featured including Vince McMahon Sr. and Jr., Toots Mondt, Ivan Koloff, Hulk Hogan, Chief Jay Strongbow, Arnold Skaaland, Larry Zbyszko, Superstar Billy Graham, Cowboy Bill Watts and so on. Sammartino is seen as very specific about how accurate he wants the story to be and has asked for changes when things veered from the truth.

This is, of course, WWE Studios’ first professional wrestling-themed film; they have previously said they were not interested.

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