First update on has now picked up the story: has learned that Randy Orton was violently attacked by an audience member during a SmackDown World Tour Live Event in Cape Town, South Africa, this evening. Footage of the attack was captured by a WWE fan and posted to YouTube, and shows the perpetrator striking Orton from behind. The matter is currently under investigation by the local authorities, and the South African fan is being held in jail pending criminal charges. The extent of Orton’s injuries are unknown at this time.

Here is another UPDATE from  TMZ reports

A rep for the WWE said, “Randy was violently attacked from behind” by the fan, who is now in police custody. Orton was checked out by doctors to make sure he’s okay.

Here is the full article:

A crazed WWE fan has been arrested after climbing into the ring during an event in South Africa today … and blasting Randy Orton in the nuts, TMZ has learned.

The video is pretty wild — the fan jumps into the ring and sneaks up behind Randy while the wrestler is on the turnbuckle … and swings his arm up between Randy’s legs. Security immediately jumps in and drags the fan away, but not before Randy attempts to kick the guy.

A rep for the WWE tells TMZ, “Randy was violently attacked from behind” by the fan — who was not part of the show … and is now in police custody.

The extent of Randy’s injuries is unclear — we’re told docs are checking him out — but any shot to the jewels is serious in our book.

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