Russ Weakland of has released the following:

I was at the reveal for 2K and then went over to the JW Marriot to grab some food. When I was at the bar getting food, Ric Flair arrived with a friend. Throughout the entire time he was there, he had wine but wasn’t drunk. Throughout the time Ric was at the bar, Stephanie McMahon, John Laurinitis, Dean Malenko and Michael PS Hayes came down to say hello, and all were in good spirits. The bit Flair did with Damian Sandow at the 2K reveal was fun and Ric left without incident.

Ross denies he was drunk but something seems “off”. Near the end of the video, Ross can be heard cussing while trying to cover for Flair. You can clearly tell from the video that Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan and Steve Austin are very uncomfortable. Paul Heyman and Mick Foley also appear to be uncomfortable.

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