Last week, TNA kicked off their 2013 TNA Bound for Glory Series. All 12 men competed in matches, and the standings are below. Tomorrow on Impact the company will run more matches, and will also start running Bound for Glory Series on house show events…

Magnus: (1-0) 10 Points
Jeff Hardy: (1-0) 7 Points
Ken Anderson: (1-0) 7 Points
Austin Aries: (1-0) 7 Points
Daniels: (1-0) 7 Points

Samoa Joe: (0-0-1dr) 2 Points
A.J. Styles: (0-0-1dr) 2 Points

Bobby Roode: (0-1) 0 Points
Kazarian: (0-1) 0 Points
Hernandez: (0-1) 0 Points
Jay Bradley: (0-1) 0 Points
Joseph Park: (0-1) 0 Points

Ongoing Series Results:
TNA Impact 6.20.13: Ken Anderson defeated Joseph Park via pin
TNA Impact 6.20.13: Austin Aries defeated Jay Bradley via pin
TNA Impact 6.20.13: Daniels defeated Hernandez via pin
TNA Impact 6.20.13: Magnus defeated Kazarian via submission
TNA Impact 6.20.13: AJ Styles and Samoa Joe fought to a draw
TNA Impact 6.20.13:Jeff Hardy defeated Bobby Roode via pin

How Scoring Works:
All matches have a 15-minute time limit
Submission Victory: 10 Points
Pinfall Victory: 7 Points
Countout Victory: 5 Points
DQ Victory: 2 Points
Draw: 2 Points
DQ Loss: -10 Points

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