Randy Orton recently spoke with The Sam Roberts Show on Sirius/XM about his past behavioral issues, CM Punk and more. Check out the highlights:

On whether he ever felt like he was close to losing his job: “I think I was just a little impulsive with my decision making and I wouldn’t really think about how it would affect me or the others around me. Being a dad now, that was the biggest thing when I became a father, ‘I can’t do this stupid shit anymore because I have a kid. What am I doing?’ So it was like, bam, stop then… Yes, to answer your questions, yes, there were probably half a dozen times where I thought this is it…”

On CM Punk being angry with WWW Creative sometimes:“Sure, sure, sure, but Punk likes to be upset about shit. That’s his thing is to always kind of have a chip on his shoulder. It’s funny because I think I was the guy that always had the chip on his shoulder, but I think my demons were a little deeper than his. The guy’s never had a drink of alcohol. How f’d up can he really be? You know, I get it. I think he’s done a great job. He’s obviously awesome on the stick. He’s awesome in the ring too.”

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