Source: The Wrestling Observer

– has an article up noting that CM Punk suffered whiplash and strained ligaments in his left knee as a result of Brock Lesnar’s attack on RAW. The dot com article says that Punk’s ribs are also bruised and potentially broken. This all appeats storyline-related and he’s not expected to miss any in-ring time.

– Stephanie McMahon tweeted the following last night following RAW:

“No worries @BradMaddoxIsWWE I’m sure @VinceMcMahon will love @JohnCena vs @WWEDanielBryan for the WWE Championship at #SummerSlam @TripleH”

For that it’s worth, Vince McMahon is scheduled to return next week on RAW to address the John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan SummerSlam main event. The storyline is that he’s not happy about it.

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