– John Cena threw his hands in the air at the top of the ramp to end the WWE Payback pat-per-view. While doing so, he received a mixed reaction from the Chicago crowed. That was it.

– WWE will be returning to Chicago, IL for a Monday Night RAW TV taping on September 23rd.

- Here is a live report from Cylon Miller

Lots’ of “wooo!”, “yes!, yes!, yes!”, and “Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks!” chants as the Allstate was filling up.

Good heel reaction for Cole. Great pop for JBL and even greater for Jerry Lawler.

Surprisingly positive reaction for Sandow and even more surprisingly negative for Sheamus.

Miz was pretty over and a mild reaction for Barrett while Axel didn’t get much though the Perfectplex got a pop, his near fall got a pop, and his eventual victory got a huge pop. “E-C-Dub!” chants for Heyman.

Our Divas got a mixed low-key reaction though AJ’s win got a good reaction.

Good pop for Kane (who had the only pyro of the evening) while Ambrose got a great reaction. As a side note, we were by the aisle where Dean came down and even the during the Diva match they weren’t letting people leave that way (to go to the bathroom since it was a Diva’s match – har har) as the Shield were already up there waiting to come down (all three of them) behind the curtain.

Huge pop for Ziggler and again (like Sheamus) a surprisingly negative reaction for del Rio(oooooooooooo). Ziggler was way over with lots of “this is bullsh*t” chants after his loss.

A mixed reaction for Y2J (which was to be expected) and naturally the pop of the night went to CM Punk returning to his adoring hometown crowd.

Orton/Bryan & the Shield both got nice pops.

Ryback got a good reaction while Cena’s was mixed as always but still very loud. Cena’s dive onto the Lumberjacks was well recieved, even by the same people who were booing him moments before. Gotta give the guy that much, right?

Lots of Cena shirts in the crowd but I was surprised by the amount of Ryback shirts. There was a date specific CM Punk shirt for sale, so we’ll see how much those are going for on the auction sites today.

A really good show and a great crowd!

-Full results of the PPV is on the main page.

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