– The August 26th episode of RAW will take place in Phoenix, Arizona. The pre-sale begins on June 29th, with the passwordSMACK.

– Yahoo! Sports has an excerpt from George “The Animal” Steele’s autobiography Animal discussing the famous love triangle with Randy Savage and Elizabeth. You can check it out here.

– The fan who danced with Tons of Funk in the ring on RAW was Scotty Campbell, a former Tennessee State Representative. Campbell won the appearance via an auction with the proceeds going to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

– Jeff Katz has sent a message to those who donated to his Wrestling Revolution Project on Kickstarter, revealing that it has finished editing and will be released on DVD and other methods shortly. Katz also revealed that anyone who donated to the project via the project’s campaign will receive all promised gifts as well as their donations back.

You can read the full text of the message here, which explains the delay and more.

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