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Source: The Wrestling Observer

Last night’s edition of the Highlight Reel on RAW did not go well and WWE let the fans at home know it as Michel Cole and Jerry Lawler buried the segment. On air, Cole and Lawler were heard laughing, stating how bad the segment was and asking when it would end so they could go to commercial.

This was a case of Vince McMahon telling Cole and Lawler what to say through the headsets. When segments fall flat on TV and the audience doesn’t respond, Vince has been known to bury the segment and those involved on air. Ths happened several months ago with a “Piper’s Pit’ segment.

Word is that Brad Maddox is the one that will most likely take the majority of the heat, as it was his part of the segment that most felt got awkward and embarrassing. Despite that, Triple H is very high on Maddox and he’s the main reason he’s featured on TV right now.

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