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WWE released the number of preliminary PPV buys for WrestleMania 29. The preliminary number is 1,048,000 million buys according to WWE’s latest monthly business figures released this week.

A breakdown of domestic and international PPV numbers was not included in the report. However, the event is likely to turn out to be the highest-grossing PPV event in WWE history because of the PPVprice increase, more ways to watch the event, and a great proportion of higher-priced HD purchases over standard definition.

The final PPV buy total is said to be released in the Second Quarter 2013 earnings around August. Once all buys are accounted for, the final number will likely be rounded out to about 1.1 million buys.

Below is a comparison of WrestleMania PPV buys from the last five years:

2009 – 960,000 buys
2010 – 885,000 buys
2011 – 1,059,000 buys
2012 – 1,217,000 buys
2013 – 1,048,000 buys (prelim. figure)

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