Partial Source: PWinsider

- WWE has released NXT talent Dante Dash. Dash had signed with WWE Developmental in late 2011. You can see video above of Dash teaming with Percy Watson in NXT against The Wyatt Familty's Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

- For those wondering about the Reddit PPV spoiler, the person that posts all of the finishes before the PPV, he was a bit quiet last night. Apparently some sites ran a list of his predictions early last night, but they weren't legitimate. The guy went on the account before the show and said he hasn't been caught and still has his source, yet didn't post anything. He said he set up a Twitter account and would post things there. He only did three matches, which he did get right. He had Bray Wyatt beating Kane, Alberto Del Rio beating Christian and Brock Lesnar beating CM Punk.

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