-WWE Smackdown will be taped tonight in Corpus Christi, Texas at American Bank Center.

- The only match WWE.com has annouced isAlberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam in a non title match As the main event. It should be noted  that the arena website lists Del Rio vs. RVD as a title match. WWE will also be taping next week's Smackdown in Houston on Thursday.

- WWE tapes Friday’s SmackDown tonight. Here is their complete schedule as they go on tour in Australia, China and South Africa:

July 24: SmackDown Taping (for July 26) in Corpus Christi, TX

July 25: SmackDown Taping (for August 2) in Houston, TX

July 26: Melbourne, Australia

July 26: Atlanta, GA

July 27: Sydney, Australia

July 27: Macon, GA

July 28: Brisbane, Australia

July 29: Adelaide, Australia

July 30: Perth, Australia

July 30: Cape Town, South Africa

July 31: Cape Town, South Africa

August 1: Durban, South Africa

August 2: Shanghai, China

August 2: Johannesburg, South Africa

August 3: Johannesburg, South Africa

- We will have spoilers of tonights show later tonight.

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