They let us in around 6:30 and the show started at 7:30, really wasn't too many people but tons of John Cena shirts.

1. Wade Barrett won a 10- man battle royal to earn the right to challenge Alberto Del Rio for the World Hvt. Championship later in the show. Wade Barrett won by eliminating Kane. 

2. Kaitlyn beat Tamina to retain the WWE Divas Championship. Kaitlyn won with the spear. 

3. Antonio Cesaro beat R-Truth to retain the U.S. Championship. The Shield attacked R-Truth after the match and cut a brief promo about believing in The Shield.

4. Alberto Del Rio beat Wade Barrett to retain the WorldHeavyweight Championship. The matched ended in a no contest, which turned into a six man tag after Jack Swagger, The Miz, Y2J and Fandango came out (Fandango is very annoying in person, his act just ticked me off).

5. Chris Jericho, The Miz, and Alberto Del Rio beat Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, and Fandango. Miz won for his team with the figure four leg lock. 

6. Big Show beat 3MB In a three on one handicap match. Big Show killed them. 

7. Ryback beat Mark Henry in an over the top top challenge. Ryback won by pulling the rope down while Henry was running 

8. John Cena, Sheamus, and Randy Orton beat The Shield by DQ. The match ended with a DQ when Seth Rollins hit Cena with a chair. The faces came back and hit all their finishers and shook hands with fans before leaving. 

Notes: Overall, for being my first house show and being ringside it was kinda cool. I expected more but, hey, I had fun. Cena was so over, I mean crazy loved, only me and a few others did the Cena sucks chant and I only did it because the kids in my area were freaking out, turned out hilarious. You could tell the wrestlers were on a safe mode with Mania next week. It looked planned rather then them just going at it.

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