Mohegan Sun Arena is usually quite welcoming to WWE events, however today’s did not seem to get the same hype and advertisement as past shows. Del Rio v. Ziggler was the only match advertised, and much of the upper level seats were not even being sold.

Bob Backlund is in the building and posing for photos in the concourse. It’s safe to assume that most of the younger fans haven’t the faintest idea who he is, but many older individuals are having “fanboy moments” upon seeing him.

Matches: The Usos v. Prime Time Players

Titus O’Neil had the crowd eating out of his hand from the moment he took the apron. Aside from being a giant if a man, O’Neil may be one of the best pure heels on the roster. His whistle gimmick had the crowd absolutely livid. As well, Young plays the perfect sidekick, more worried about his hair than anything.

The Usos more than held their own, with most if their offense coming from hot tags and double-teams.
The Usos employed a number of Samoan favorites in their game, including two superkicks, a Stink Face and a huge Superfly Splash. As well, there was an instance where they referenced the famed hard head of the Samoans, though it may have gone over the heads of younger patrons.

Winners: The Usos

Health Slater v. Justin Gabriel

Once again, the crowd more than voiced their hatred of 3MB, after little more than the opening note of their theme.

While Slater may be the most universally hated wrestler, Gabriel seems to be among the most liked, as Wilkes-Barre always seems to take a shine to him.

Slater spent much of the match simply running away from Gabriel’s offense, getting in cheap shots week he could (much to the chagrin of the audience). After a quick comeback, Gabriel would hit a series if kicks, ending the match with a huge springboard moonsault.

Winner: Justin Gabriel

AJ (c) v. Kaitlyn

Biggest pop of the night went to AJ, who had fans both cheering their hearts out, and booing like she was the second coming of Hitler.

After some back and forth, AJ locked in a sleeper and held it for a good minute or so. Kaitlyn would fight back, but AJ would pick up the win with an awkward roll up.

Winner: AJ retains

After the win, Big E openly challenged the locker room.

Big E Langston v. Randy Orton

Huge reaction for Orton, as he quickly outclassed Big E with sheer skills. However, what offense Langston did get in, was done rather effortlessly as he easily overpowered Orton with brute force. Both men would take shots off the ring steps, with Orton almost getting counted out. After a hanging DDT, Orton had the crowd in a frenzy as he set up a finishing RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton

~15 minute intermission~

Signed Randy Orton pictures were plugged, as well as the night’s interactive match: Toms of Funk v. Rhodes Scholars. The poll would determine whether Cameron would be allowed at ringside.

Tons of Funk w/Naomi v. Rhodes Scholars w/ Brie Bella

Lots of heat for Sandow, as he gave Cody a huge introduction (complete with trumpets). Cody gave an equally lofty introduction (with accompanying drumroll) for Brie Bella.

After a somewhat low key entrance, it was revealed that the audience had voted that Cameron be banned from ringside, evening up the odds.

The women began the match, with Naomi overwhelming Brie with her athleticism, while Brie seemed to do all she could to even seem partially involved.

Cody would eventually come in against Tensai, generally trying to stay away from the big man. After some cheap shots, the match would dissolve into normal ToF buffoonery, until Sandow clipped Tensai’s knee, bringing the focus back to the match.

All gourmet would again end up in the ring, though Sandow had tagged Brie in. Naomi would hit a quick dropkick for the win.

Winners: Tons of Funk and Naomi

Drew Mac w/Ginder Mahal v. R-Truth

For as much as the crowd had voiced their hatred for 3MB, they seemed the most detached during this match. Only when either man called for cheers (or Mahal ran interference) did they raise their voice. Not much to say, only that the veteran in Ron Killings seemed to know when the crowd had had it, as the ending sequence seemed rather rushed.

Winner: R-Truth

Alberto Del Rio (C) v. Dolph Ziggler
Last Man Standing Match

Del Rio has been through Wilkes-Barre before, but never without Ricardo. If anyone is still wondering what happened to Del Rio’s pops, they’re sitting at home with a 30 day suspension.

On the other hand, Ziggler received easily the most one-sided reaction of the night, as everyone in the building erupted at his entrance.

Much of the early going was taunting between the two men, with Ziggler beginning a “USA” chant. The first 10 count would start after Ziggler hit his patented elbows. The match would leave the ring, but return after Del Rio took a few shots of the entrance set and guard rails. Ziger would pull a kendo stick from under the ring, but Del Rio hit a kick, knocking Ziggler off the apron.

At one point, Del Rio looked to be out of it, but laggard to slide to the outside, landing on his feet any breaking the count at nine.

Ziggler would then cheat his own death, by staggering back up after being out through a table, and hitting a huge superkick…which would lead to both men being done for another nine count.
Ultimately, Del Rio would put Ziggler down for the full ten.

Winner: Del Rio retains

After the match, Del Rio would continue to beat Ziggler down, but would be thrown through his own table, and end up on the receiving end of a Zig-Zag.

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