* R-Truth defeated Fandango in the opening match. Decent opener. Crowd was apparently way behind R-Truth in this one.

* Rob Van Dam defeated Wade Barrett via pinfall. Van Dam picked up the victory after hitting Barrett with his Five-Star Frog Splash for the pin.

* Justin Gabriel defeated Titus O’Neil via pinfall. Gabriel picked up the victory after hitting O’Neil with his 450 Splash for the pin. After the match, Fandango attacked Gabriel, setting up their match on Saturday’s live event, also in Johannesburg. Despite the attack from Fandango, however, Gabriel still managed to clean house.

* Randy Orton defeated Big E. Langston via pinfall. Orton picked up the victory after hitting Langston with his RKO for the pin. No copycat offenders here, so Orton’s “groin area” was safe in Johannesburg. Orton was said to be the most over with the fans at the Coca-Cola Dome on Friday night.

* Tons Of Funk & Funcadactyles defeated The Rhodes Scholars & Brie Bella. The gimmick here to explain Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes being on the same team was that the two were forced to team up due to pre-existing contract obligations. Regardless, Rhodes ended up abandoning Sandow, leaving him alone with the babyfaces. This allowed Brodus Clay to hit his Splash-finisher on Sandow for the pin.

* Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall. Sheamus picked up the victory after hitting Swagger with his Brogue Kick for the pin. Apparently, Sheamus’ Brogue Kick spot received the loudest ovation of the night.

* Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler in a No Disqualification Match via pinfall. Del Rio picked up the victory after hitting Ziggler with his Super Kick for the pin. During the match, due to the No-DQ stipulation, tables and kendo sticks were among the weapons used. After the match, Del Rio cut a promo telling fans that they couldn’t leave until he told them to. This led to Ziggler attacking Del Rio and putting him through a table. Apparently there wasn’t a whole lot of heat for this match, as the fans didn’t seem to react to Del Rio or Ziggler as clear-cut babyfaces or heels. The crowd seemingly didn’t know if they were supposed to cheer or boo each guy.

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