The Civic Center here holds about 9,000, and it appeared as the building was about half full. The results are about the same as the other shows over the weekend.

1. Tons of Funk over Rhodes Scholars. Comical bit before the match started with Damien and Cody taking turns introducing each other and Sandow doing three cartwheels down the aisle. Finish came when Tensai and Brodus hit a tandem splash on Sandow.

2. Justin Gabriel defeated Drew McIntyre. Nothing you haven't seen before. After the match, Jinder Mahal challenged Gabriel to an immediate match, but lost within seconds. No Slater tonight. As Gabriel was leaving up the rampway, The Wyatt Family attacked Gabriel from behind, and cut a promo inviting us to "follow the buzzards".

3. Dean Ambrose over Zack Ryder in a Street Fight for the U.S. Title. Is Ryder even still relevant at this point? Decent showing from both guys, with Ambrose keeping the strap.  At the conclusion of the match, the rest of the Shield hit the ring, followed by Team Hell No leading into the tag title match.

4. Team Hell No win via DQ over Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in a WWE Tag Title match. Kane and Bryan had the match under control, until Ambrose interefered for the DQ. Kane cleared the ring with a chair, leaving Rollins by himself. Bryan chokeslammed Rollins, which led into a comedy bit of Bryan and Kane arguing, with Bryan claiming he invented the chokeslam. Afterwards, Rollins took chokeslams from Kane and Ryder as well, and all three guys took turns hugging it out.

5. Naomi beat Brie Bella. This was the first match back from intermission. Vickie Guerrero came out before the match started, and stayed at ringside. Finish saw the Funkadactyl pin Brie after running into Vickie while she was on the apron. 

6. Luke Harper (w/the Wyatt Family) beat Alex Riley. Not much of a crowd reaction, but by far the match of the night for me since I'm hooked on the Family. Cool finish saw Rowan, who kept on his sheep mask, distract A-Ry by glaring at him from ringside, and then he turned around into the spinning clothesline from Harper. Can't wait for these guys to make it onto weekly TV.

7. John Cena defeated Ryback in a tables match for the WWE Title. Biggest pop of the night was for Cena. Back and forth match that saw both men reverse each other's finishers and break several tables, but finally Cena hit the AA through the table for the win.

A decent house show, and the stage setup that WWE is using definitely adds a nice touch to these shows.

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