* The Primetime Players defeated Hunico & Camacho. The crowd was involved in the match & was really into it, especially when Titus did his "Q-Dog" bark.

* The Great Khali defeated Jinder Mahal. For the most part, since a lot of kids were in attendance, Jinder & Khali kept their attention.

Tony Chimel then announces that fans in attendance can begin voting for the stipulation for the main event between the Wyatt Family NS Daniel Bryan & CM Punk to be either a No DQ match or a Street Fight. Results will be given before the match.

* Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella) defeated AJ Lee (w/ Tamina). This match was originally for the Divas Championship. AJ came out & got on the mic, playing to the crowd that they all came to see her, so they wouldn't mind that she chose not to defend her title, thus making it a non-title match. Good match back & forth, Brie has gotten better in the ring. Tamina & Nikki got into a scuffle, which distracted AJ, which allowed Brie to get the pinfall.

* R-Truth defeated Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel via DQ. Axel came out and cut a heel promo to get major heat from the crowd. Truth came out to a nice pop, and the crowd responded to him on each of his "What's Up" chants. Pretty good TV time caliber match. There was a funny moment when Axel mocked Truth's dancing moves, jerking & popping. Axel grabbed his belt and tried to walk out the match, but Truth went up the ramp and brought him in the ring, but Axel hit him with the belt, prompting the DQ. After the match, Truth hit his finisher on Axel.

* The Usos defeated 3MB (Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre). The Usos got a huge pop and the crowd stayed behind them heavy during the whole match.

* Ryback defeated Justin Gabriel via pinfall with Shell Shocked. Ryback comes out seconds and cut a heel promo dissing the USC Gamecocks. He then turned his attention to Gabriel, stating he's a USC fan, then says that the Florida Gators will defeat USC in their next game (I guess Ryback is a Florida fan). Gabriel held his own, it was good to see him in action again. There weren't too many Goldberg chants, but Ryback did hit a Jackhammer on Gabriel in the match.

* The main event was announced to be a street fight between The Wyatt Family vs. Daniel Bryan & C.M. Punk. There were huge pops for both Daniel Bryan & CM Punk, the biggest of the night, especially wwith Daniel's "YES!" chant. Nice entrance for the Wyatt Family, who also got a few cheers from the crowd during their entrance. The match was good, back & forth, mainly keeping Daniel isolated and hitting him with kendo sticks until he made the hot tag to Punk, which received a HUGE pop. The Wyatts brought in a table, but that backfired as Luke Harper got sent into the table in the corner, and got the GTS from Punk.
Winners: Daniel Bryan & CM Punk.

After the match, Bryan & Punk went around ringside shaking hands and signing autographs as they made their way back up the ramp. That was the end of the show.

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