(1) Fandango beat The Miz. Miz gave him the figure-four after the match. Huge fan reaction for Miz (first babyface out), and really good heat for Fandango.

(2) Justin Gabriel beat Curt Hawkins. The kid can fly!

(3) Natalya beat Aksana via submission with the Sharpshooter.

(4) Alberto Del Rio beat Big E. Langston. It was Del Rio’s birthday, so he got a nice Happy B-Day sing-along from the crowd.

(5) Brodus Clay beat Darren Young. Then, out came Titus O’Neill, who mispronounced Regina, and Tensai (or whatever he’s called now) and we got ourselves a tag match!

(6) Tons of Funk beat Prime Time Players. When was the last time the PTP’ers won a match?

(7) Sin Cara beat Heath Slater.

(8) Sheamus beat IC champion Wade Barrett via DQ after Barrett hit Sheamus with the belt.

Good show despite the lack of any real big names.

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