Dark Match

1. Kofi Kingston defeated Corey Graves. There was a surprising amount of heat on Graves early on. Nice tie up sequence followed by a really nice monkey flip. Moments later, Graves hit a gordbuster for two, but Kingston came back with Trouble in Paradise for the win. All in all, Kofi was super over and Graves showed a great amount of upside. 

WWE Main Event

Now it is Highlight Reel time! One random thing is that the announcers' entrances were interesting. JBL got a huge pop while Michael Cole got boos/apathy. 

The Highlight Reel opened the show. Chris Jericho started by saying that The Miz was injured on Raw in the Antonio Cesaro attack and that is why ADR is the new Highlight Reel guest. They replayed the footage of the Cesaro attack. Ricardo Rodriguez came out to take over the introduction for Del Rio. Del Rio was over huge, especially with my niece who had never shown an interest before.

Jericho brought up his period of wrestling in Mexico and said that he will win the Elimination Chamber and face Del Rio. After a really funny back and forth in Spanish involving Del Rio, Jericho, and Rodriguez, Dolph Ziggler's music hit and Jericho came up with a bunch of new names for Big E.
Ziggler promised to cash in the MITB briefcase sometime between now and WrestleMania. Del Rio challenged Ziggler to a match on the spot. After a "Sí" chant, Ziggler accepted.

1. Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) beat Dolph Ziggler (w/AJ, Big E Langston) in a non-title match. The match started slow but worked up to a great pace and the fans stayed with it. Late in the match, Del Rio called for the Cross Arm Breaker. AJ distracted the ref for Big E to hit Del Rio with a punch. Ricardo tried to intimidate Big E and was chased off. Del Rio eventually applied the Cross Armbreaker for the submission win in a long match. It was described as a pay-per-view quality match.

Paul Heyman was interviewed by Matt Striker. Heyman held the WWE Title an said that he is indeed the voice of the voice of the voiceless, so it is just the same to talk to him as it is to talk to Punk. Heyman rehashed the new stipulation for Rock vs Punk II. Huge boos for Heyman.

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