WWE Main Event:

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. R-Truth was up first. The Miz was on commentary. At the end of the match, Barrett went for Wasteland, but Truth reversed into a two count. Barrett then hit the Bull Hammer elbow to get the win. After the match, he cut a promo saying that the match is what you call a barrage. He bragged about his RAW win, and said that he destroyed Chris Jericho, and now R-Truth. The Miz entered the ring and attacked Barrett, sending him fleeing out of the ring.

Matt Striker interviewed Sheamus backstage, who said that he will consider replacing Ryback with the Big Show for WrestleMania.

Alicia Fox & Aksana come out. Alicia says she wants to share something but Natayla and Layla interrupt. A tag team match is set up. Fox noted how the "Nothing But Nets" trip in Rwanda changed their lives, but she took the most from the experience becayse Natalya missed boyfriend The Great Khali so much.

* Natalya and Layla defeated Alicia Fox and Aksana after Natalya submitted Fox with the sharpshooter.

* The Usos defeated The Prime Time Players with a Samoan drop, followed by a splash from the top rope for the win.

It was announced that the Rock will be in RAW next week. That was it for Main Event. 

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