Lilian Garcia received a good ovation. In fact, it was better than the reaction Justin Gabriel received for his entrance during the Saturday Morning Slam taping.

Smackdown started off with Big Show coming to the ring. Huge pop for him. He definitely has a scowl due to recent developments. Show asked if the fans think it is funny he's been messed with by Alberto Del Rio and the fans went nuts. Show said Del Rio never pinned him, and that he doesn't have what it takes to pin him. He also claimed he will never be pinned by Del Rio. 

Chris Jericho interrupted. Jericho said he's known Show for 16 years and can read him like a "big, stinky book." He says he knows how Show feels. Show said if he really knew he would stay far away from him. Show said Jericho has other stuff to do. Jericho promoted Robot Fighting League. Jericho said he's back and pumped. 

Jericho brought up being tag champs with Show and put him over before reminding him of his own accolades. Jericho brought up the idea that Show and he could wrestle for the title at WrestleMania. Show said if they both make it to WrestleMania, it will be Jericho's last. Booker T came out to a huge ovation! Booker announced Show vs Jericho for later in the show.

Randy Orton and Mark Henry had a backstage segment before the match. Just a simple stare down. The Rock was promoted for later and the place went insane! 

1. Mark Henry beat Randy Orton by DQ. Orton had the advantage early on, leaving Henry on the floor momentarily. No sooner than he reentered the ring, Henry took control. Henry dominated the bulk of the match and was having his way with Orton. It was time for Orton to come back and Henry went down. Orton grabbed a chair and hit Henry with it for the DQ. Orton hit him a few more times but eventually ate a World's Strongest Slam.

2. Tamina Snuka defeated Layla. Snuka showed her heel tendencies early and Layla played goody two shoes. There was a roll up sequence ending in a cross body. Layla showed some skills here. There was also a really nasty bump on the apron with Snuka getting Layla trapped. Lots of miscommunication here. Snuka hit a nice Samoan drop and followed up with a splash for the win. 

3. Brodus Clay and Tensai defeated 3MB. First off, huge pop for Brodus. Simple comedy match with big pops for Tensai's dancing. Mahal nearly died when he didn't jump for a Brodus T-bone suplex. A double choke drop followed by a splash put 3MB away. 

Following the match, The Shield attacked Brodus and Tensai. Amazing buzz for The Shield, goosebumps status. The fans crapped on The Shield. Dean Ambrose took the mic. He said don't dare think Sunday will be different from tonight. Incredible facial expressions from Ambrose. He said Cena and company will find out what the consequences for their actions will be on Sunday. They left through the crowd just as they arrived. 

Cody Rhodes and his glorious moustache are out next followed by yet another ad for Fandango.

4. The Miz defeated Cody Rhodes. The Miz came out and has his shoulder taped up from the Cesaro beatdown on Raw. Back and forth action to start including some pretty smart moves by Cody to attack the Miz's hurt shoulder. Miz reversed a disaster kick into a figure four, but at least he learned how to do it properly for this one. Cody tapped out surprisingly and nobody popped for the finish because Miz has not established the move as an actual finisher.

5. Jack Swagger beat Zack Ryder. Ryder went after Swagger early but was dominated by Swagger's wrestling. Simple match with Swagger taking control for the majority of it. Ryder mounted a comeback but was swerved during a Broski boot and his leg was slammed into the post. A chop block and Swagger looked really creepy stalking Ryder. The finish comes with the Patriot Act. 

Afterward, Swagger took the mic and introduced Zeb Colter, saying he's a great American. Zeb talked about making your mark as a patriot and his tea party-like spiel about how Zack Ryder is not a real American due to his love of tanning and hair products. Good heat on this promo. 

The Rock headed to the ring to easily pop of the night with surely no rivals. Rock immediately went into C.M. Punk stealing the belt. Rock said it is a trade between his belt and an ass whipping Punk will never forget. 

C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman interrupted on the big screen to let Rock know that he didn't steal anything and that it is The Rock who committed grand larceny at the Royal Rumble. Punk plays up the stipulation by saying that he plans on letting Rock beat himself on Sunday. Rock said his words are worthless. He said Monday is what Punk should worry about because then he'll realize he failed. Rock called Punk a spoiled little boy about eight times and delivered the "If you smell..." line deliberately and without any hype to close out their segment.

Sandow interrupted Rock. He said he finds it ironic that Smackdown is in Little Rock because he'll show everyone how little Rock has done since being WWE Champion. Huge heat on Sandow. Rock went into schtick about being in Little Rock and the people popped again. Sandow said they are sheep. Rock said he has one thing to say and goes into his "Finally, The Rock has come back to Little Rock." Rock played to the crowd and says he'd give Sandow a gift. He asked the crowd what move he should do to Sandow. Everyone said a Rock Bottom and Rock shook Sandow's hand into a Rock Bottom and a People's Elbow for a big response. 

6. Big Show beat Chris Jericho. Show dominated early. Jericho got some momentum only to be speared for his trouble for a two count. Show chokeslammed Jericho, who rolled out of the ring to avoid being pinned. Shows climbed to the the middle rope and missed an elbow drop. By the way, Brad would like everyone to know that the drunk guy behind him were f---ing annoying. Anyway, Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho, but he couldn't lock it in. Show delivered a knockout punch and got the win. Del Rio walked onto the ramp and had a staredown with Show, which is probably where the television show will end.

Dark Main Event

Del Rio made his entrance. Big Show berated JBL and Josh Matthews for leaving the announce table. Show continued to cut a promo running down Little Rock and Del Rio. Alberto kicks him in the junk and then took a chair from Ricardo and proceeded to beat Big Show repeatedly before the ref actually started the match. 

1. Alberto Del Rio defeated Big Show to retain the World Hvt. Championship. Show no sold the chair shots once the match started and scoop slammed Del Rio. The match was fairly short and ended with Big Show tapping out to send everyone home happy.

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