Dark Match:

The Prime Time Players defeated Justin Gabriel and Ted DiBiase. Hey, a Ted DiBiase sighting! DiBiase’s hair is longer than last I remember. Ted played the face in peril. A hot tag to Gabriel led to a few springboard moves, until he was put down by the Clash of the Titus for the 1-2-3. Short match.

WWE Main Event (Airing Wednesday):

The Miz defeated Cody Rhodes. Wade Barrett is in on commentary. We’ve got a very lively, responsive crowd so far tonight. Very back and forth match, with one guy really not getting a big advantage over the other. Action spilled outside the ring for a moment, and Cody ran Miz’s shoulder into the post for a close nine count. Cody worked Miz’s shoulder for a few minutes. Miz made the comeback with trademark offense. Cody hit the Beautiful Disaster for a great near fall, and not long after, Miz slapped on the Figure Four for the tap out. A good, long, match between these two.

Damien Sandow defeated Sin Cara. Sandow cut a Sandow promopre-match. Sin Cara got off to a high-flying start. Sandow managed to ground Sin Cara with some aggressive offense. I tried to get a Mistico chant going…wishful thinking, I guess. Sin Cara made a small comeback, and attempted the Swanton but missed. Sandow hit his new finisher, The Silencer, for the win. No botches.

The Uso’s beat Tons of Funk. The Uso’s entrance is pretty cool live. A big Us-O! chant went up early. Both teams seemed to be playing the mutual respect angle, I guess since they’re both babyfaces. Lots of dancing and taunting to start. The Uso’s won a quick match out of nowhere with a double superkick into a top rope splash. The Uso’s got a great response.

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