* Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio, who will be facing Damien Sandow. Sandow enters the ring making fun of Rodriguez and Oklahomans. Del Rio says Sandow needs to wash his mouth because it smells like "kaka." The match begins and is back and forth before Del Rio wins via submission with the cross armbreaker.

Jim Ross will interview Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger is later tonight.

A Rock - John Cena WrestleMania promo is shown.

Backstage segment with Kane and Daniel Bryan. Both men are arguing over who was the reason that they beat the Prime Time Players on RAW. Bryan got a rematch scheduled, this time he has his hand tied behind his back and Kane is blindfolded. Kane says he's happy to be blindfolded so he won't have to look at Bryan's ugly goat face.

* The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the US championship is up now. Antonio Cesaro pinned The Miz after hitting The Neutralizer to win the first fall. The crowd is chanting "USA."

Miz won the second fall after locking in the figure four, forcing Cesaro to tap. So we're tied at one fall apiece.

Cesaro is limping badly at the start of the third fall. Cesaro hits a huge uppercut, and the Miz barely kicks out. Miz later hit a big DDT, and Cesaro barely kicked out. Miz locked in the figure four, but Cesaro made it to the ropes. The end of the fall saw Cesaro roll up the Miz, but Miz reverses. Cesaro reverses again, grabs the trunks and gets the three count. Cesaro is still the U.S. champion. He grabs the belt and leaves. Miz is furious in the ring.

Randy Orton and Sheamus are shown backstage. Sheamus says he'll have his back during Orton's match with the Big Show later tonight, since he'll be a sitting duck for the Shield. Orton says thanks.

Fandango appears on the titantron, and the caption says that he'll appear tonight.

Jim Ross enters in the ring, followed by Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. JR said that himself and Swagger go back a long way, and talked about recruiting him back in his Sooner days. Swagger called the Sooners a team with no heart. Ross asked Swagger what changed since he left. Zeb Colter says he told Swagger about the truth about America. JR said that he doesn't understand where Zeb is coming from and he directed his question at Swagger. Colter goes on an anti-immigrant rant about how they steal jobs. Colter says himself and Swagger refuse to stand ideally by and watch the country self destruct. Swagger says "we the people." JR mentions WrestleMania, and Colter says that when the dust clears at 'Mania, a real American will walk away with the World Heavyweight Championship -- an English-speaking American. He then said that Alberto Del Rio needs to leave this country. He said the country stinks, and the stink is Del Rio. Swagger is fighting for more than a championship, he's fighting for the heart and soul of our country. JR asked what's happened to Swagger, and says he's brainwashed by Colter. Colter says JR is the one who brainwashed Swagger, and all he did was tell him the truth. JR tells Colter to express his right to remain silent. Colter tells him to be civil and JR says he doesn't care what he thinks. Swagger knocks JR's hat off and says he was wrong about JR, and he's gonna fix the problem. Swagger pokes JR in the chest and backs him into a corner. Swagger says JR isn't a real American, he's a sympathizer. Del Rio comes out to JR's aide.

Del Rio says Swagger and Colter are the problem and he's the solution. He said Swagger isn't a real American, he's a real jackass. A staredown ensued before Swagger left the ring with Colter.

* Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. The Prime Time Players is up next. Kane is blindfolded, Bryan has his arm tied behind his back. Bryan puts a face mask on Kane that has a design of a goat face on it (which Kane didn't see). Eventually Kane hit the chokeslam on Darren Young and tagged in Bryan. They got into an argument and Kane shoved Bryan. Titus O'Neil rolled Bryan up for the pin and the win. Kane took off the mask and saw the goat face on it. Kane and Bryan then argued in the middle of the ring after the match. Bryan asked Kane to hug it out, Kane put the goat face mask on Bryan, slapped him in the face and then walked out.

Matt Striker is backstage with The Big Show and asked him if he had any comments. Big Show said that it's WrestleMania season, and he needs to make an impact. He asked, what better way to make an impact than to chokeslam Randy Orton?

* Sin Cara defeated Heath Slater (with Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre) via pinfall. Was said to be a boring match.

* Fandango's debut is next.

Fandango is shown backstage trying to teach Matt Striker how to say his name. Fandango said that he mastered the art of dance and it's time to take his rhythm precision and grace to the ring. However, he'll make his debut when Striker gets his name right. So no debut for Fandango tonight.

* Randy Orton vs. The Big Show is up next. Back and forth matchup. Orton hit an impressive DDT off the top rope. The Shield came out from the crowd and surrounded the ring. Sheamus ran to the ring. The Shield start beating up on the 2 of them. Big Show gets up and hits Roman Reigns with the KO punch. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins leave the ring and Big Show chokeslammed Orton. Sheamus then Brogue kicked Big Show. I believe this is where the show ended.

Dark Match:

The Big Show left the ring. Orton slowly got to to his feet and then shook hands with Sheamus. The two celebrated in the ring and approached the barricade, but chooses to leave through the crowd. The Shield regrouped and returned to ringside and surrounded Orton and Sheamus in the ring. Kane's pyro went off and he entered the ring. This turned into a 6 man tag.

Kane, Randy Orton and Sheamus vs. The Shield. Randy hit Rollins and Ambrose with scoop slams. Reigns jumped in and it was 3 on 1 on Orton. Kane got in, but they beat him up too. Rollins grabbed a chair, but Sheamus rolled in and Brogue kicked Rollins. Orton hit Ambrose with an RKO, and Kane followed up by chokeslamming Reigns. The Shield retreated, and the match was a no-contest. Orton, Kane and Sheamus celebrated to end the show.

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