JBL, Josh Mathews and Michael Cole are on commentary.

The show opens up with MizTV with Sheamus and Randy Orton. They discuss whether they should bring The Big Show on to their team for WrestleMania. Orton wants him, and Sheamus said that if Show didn't come out at RAW, they would have gotten their arses kicked. Sheamus says that he don't trust him, but Orton says he doesn't trust anyone. Big Show comes out now. Miz says he agrees with Sheamus because Show knocked out Miz when they were a tag team. Miz says he doesn't trust Show as far as he can throw him. Show says his opinion doesn't matter. Show explains why he should be in the match and Sheamus wonders if Show will leave them hanging. Show says he won't and that he knocked out Sheamus for the title. Orton becomes the voice of reason. Booker T comes out and needs to know if those three can work together. It will be a 6 man tag match to main event SmackDown tonight. Booker did not announce their opponents, but I am guessing 3MB. That was the end of MizTV.

* Mark Henry squashed Zack Ryder with the World's Strongest Slam. Henry then hit Ryder again and again with the WSS. After the match, Ryback came to the ring and had a staredown with Henry. Ryback then clotheslined him, and Henry retreated up the ramp.

* Booker T is shown backstage with Teddy Long. Long asks him what he thinks about Ryback vs Henry at WrestleMania. Booker is upset because Teddy worked with Vickie on it, and noted that Teddy works for him. Teddy said something to the effect of the Hall of Fame changing Booker.

The show the Booker T Hall of Fame video.

* Dolph Ziggler (w/ Big E) vs. Kofi Kingston is next. AJ was on commentary and sat on the announce table in front of JBL and played with his hat. This was a great back and forth match with several near falls. Kofi jumped from the top rope onto Big E. on the outside, Dolph hit Kofi with a famouser on the outside of the ring. He put Kofi inside the ring and hit the zig zag for the win. After the match, Big E attacked Kofi.

Sheamus and The Big Show are backstage arguing over who will start their match tonight. Once again, Orton is the voice of reason.

Jack Swagger & Zeb come out, Swagger's match with Jericho is next. Swagger welcomes us to his America. Zeb Colter said that what happened on Raw to Ricardo was necessary, but nothing like what will happen to Del Rio at WrestleMania. Zeb says what happened on Raw should be a threat to all of us if we don't agree, and that "if bones need to be broken, they will be broken." Swagger says, "we the people," and tries saying it again but Jericho interrupts for their match.

* Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter) defeated Chris Jericho. This was a pretty good match with lots of back and forth action. The titantron went out and they dropped Fandango's new set on the stage during the match. Fandango came out to cause a distraction. Swagger comes up behind Jericho who notices him, but Swagger still drops him to the mat for a two count. Jericho gives a sling shot to Swagger, but Zeb causes a distraction allowing Fandango to hit Jericho, allowing Swagger to win.

After the match, Fandango entered the ring and pounded on Jericho. Fandango hits a leg drop off the top rope on Jericho and grabs a microphone and says "it's Fandango" in his weird voice. Jericho remained laying in the ring surrounded by four referees during a couple of video packages.

Matt Striker interviewed Big Show and asked him if Sheamus and him can get along. Show says Randy is right, and they've all gotten beaten down by The Shield and that they can trust him as much as they can each other.

The referees are in the ring helping Jericho up. He's walking on his own and looks fine.

The disco ball drops and Team Rhode Scholars come out with the Bella Twins. Cody says although we don't deserve it, they were giving us a special gift. The surprise is that the Bellas will accompany them to the ring. Out comes Cameron & Naomi followed by Brodus Clay & Tensai.

* Brodus Clay & Tensai fought Team Rhodes Scholars to a no content after the Bellas tried to distract Brodus, and Naomi took them both down. After the match, Team Brodus danced in the ring.

Matt Striker interviewed Sheamus and Randy Orton and asked if they can work with The Big Show. Sheamus said yes, and that Show can trust them as much as he trusts them.

* The Miz defeated U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro with the figure four leglock. Wade Barrett was on commentary in street clothes. After the match, Miz locked the figure hour in again and begs Barrett to enter the ring. Barrett held up the belt and walked away and Miz let go of the hold.

* Main event time! Randy Orton comes out, followed by Sheamus and then The Big Show. Their opponents are... 3MB.. 
3MB. Show hit the KO on one of 3MB and Sheamus tagged in and hit the Brogue kick on another for the win. Show was upset. Shield came out while Sheamus and Show fought. The Shield tried to enter the ring but Show, Orton and Sheamus wouldn't let them. The Shield then retreated. That was the end of the show.

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