T.J. Dillashaw vs. Issei Tamura
We remain in the bantamweight division, as T.J. Dillashaw (6-1) looks to make it three in a row against Issei Tamura (7-3). Yves Lavigne is the referee.

Round 1: If you have a second, Google Issei Tamura and try to check out his tattoo. It is very intriguing, the one on his back. Right counter lands by Tamura, but Dillashaw recovers and scores a quick takedown. Dillashaw with a knee, but Tamura is able to get to his feet. Single-leg trip takedown for Dillashaw, but is unable to keep him down. Dillashaw working the body with rights, as Tamura is leaving himself wide open. Big high kick by Dillashaw, as he has landed 16 knees and kicks. Just as quickly, he hits another, so make it 17.

we scores the round 10-9 for Dillashaw

Round 2: Tamura ducks down to avoid a takedown and Dillashaw lands a kick right to the top of the head. Tamura is down and Dillashaw pounces, finishing him on the ground just seconds into this round. Upon the replay, it was a knee that caught Tamura on his head and sent him flying back.

T.J. Dillashaw def. Issei Tamura via KO (knee-to-the-head) at :26 of Round 2

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