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Francimar Barroso Vs.  Ednaldo Oliviera 
Round 1: The fighters come out aggressively. Oliviera throwing his long arms into straight punches. A few land, and Barroso doesn't like it. Barroso kicks the legs. Oliviera chasing Barroso around, Barroso staying elusive and kicking the skinny legs of Oliviera. More kicks, more running from Barroso, and the crowd is not happy with this. About a minute and a half left and Oliviera waves him in vigorously, shouting in Portugese. The crowd agrees and shows their support. Barroso unphased, he kicks and circles his way to the end of the round, and the crowd boos loudly. 10-9 Barroso

Round 2: Barroso presses forward and throws a one-two that miss, and lands a soild leg kick to follow it up. Plenty of kicks from Barroso. Oliviera lands a straight right, and Barroso goes back to circling. Oliviera catches a kick and tosses Barroso down and lands about 8 clean punches, this pleases the crowd. Oliviera lets him up. They clinch against the cage, and the crowd goes back to booing. Ref finally breaks them up and resets them in the center. Barroso, for whatever reason decides to open up with his hands. He throws combos and gets the better of them. Why did he wait until now to do this? 10-9 Barroso

Round 3: Oliviera decides to clinch this round and look for knees. This strategy backfires, and Barroso reverses him, lands some knees, and then a takedown. Oliviera looks tired. Barroso stays busy on top. Oliviera makes it to his feet and cliches, landing some knees from a double collar tie position. Barroso resorts back to kicking and circling. both fighters very tired, and the action is slow.They clinch and attempt to smother one another until the final bell. Crowd boos.

Francimar Barroso def. Ednaldo Oliviera via unanimous decision

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