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Ian McCall vs. Iliarde Santos
Round 1: Mario Yamasaki is the referee. McCall opens leg kicking both inside and out. McCall whiffs on a two-punch combination, but keeps kicking the legs of Santos. Two left hooks land for McCall on a counter combo from Santos. Santos shoots, is stuffed and pulls guard. McCall now on top throwing a relentless barrage of strikes. Santos is able to stand, but eats numerous body shots on the way up. Santos misses on a spinning back fist. Both fighters land punches in a tight exchange.

Round 2: Santos takes center of the cage and fires a left hook, but whiffs on a right of his own as McCall circles away. McCall ducks several punches while counter punching Santos and landing hard strikes high and low. McCall ducks and eats a hard knee. McCall level changes for a takedown is stuffed and Santos scores an outside trip. McCall quickly stands. McCall gets caught in open space and eats a right.

Round 3: Lunging right from Santos finds the mark. Santos reaches for a takedown and is easily stuffed. Nice right to the body and leg kick from McCall. Follows up with a double to take the back of Santos briefly off of a semi-takedown. Hard left to the body from McCall. Santos fails on a double and McCall scores on a left hand over the top on the break. Santos whiffs on another spinning backfist and eats a left from McCall for his efforts. Right hand lands for McCall unobstructed. Knee from McCall after stuffing the takedown attempt from Santos. Good uppercut from Santos lands just before the final bell.

Ian McCall def. Iliarde Santos via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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