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Round 1: Referee Leon Roberts oversees this flyweight pay-per-view bout. Lineker sporting a black mohawk, while Maria rocks an orange one. Lineker catches a low kick and unloads a straight right. Maria accidentally smacks Lineker's groin with a kick, but Lineker just shakes it off. Lineker blocks a punch and drops Maria with a wicked right. Maria pops back to his feet. Maria connects with a wild spinning backfist. Lineker smiles but he's clearly rocked. Maria catches Lineker again to send him reeling. Maria tries to follow up, but Lineker dodges any further damage and regains his legs. Maria changes levels and dumps Lineker on his back. Lineker stands up and takes Maria's back. Maria reverses and delivers a knee to the body. Lineker is cupping his groin, but that one looked like it nailed him in the midsection. Roberts briefly stops the action to check it out. We're back and Lineker ducks under a wild overhand right. Lineker catches another low kick and dumps Maria on his back to end the round.

Round 2: Maria circles and throws a high kick. Lineker blocks then delivers a knee to the body from the clinch. Wild scramble ensues but no one gets the upper hand. Maria with another low kick. Maria sort of crumbles to the mat, eating a right hand on the way down. He may be injured. Lineker senses the moment and swarms, leading Roberts to stop the fight. Weird finish to a good fight.

John Lineker def. Jose Maria via TKO (strikes) at 1:03 of round two.

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