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Round 1: Referee Herb Dean oversees this UFC featherweight championship clash. A touch of gloves and we're off. Jung pushes forward with his jab. Jung wades inside with a flurry. Aldo evades, then lunges in with a left hook. Jung answers with a right. Nothing landing flush so far. Oh, just as I write that, Aldo cracks Jung with a looping right hook. Jung ducks under another shot and fires off a counter. Jung misses a high kick wildly. Aldo unloads a low kick to Jung's lead leg. And another. Jung responds with one of his own. Thirty seconds left. Aldo changes levels for a single and dumps Jung on his back. Jung scrambles to his feet. Huge spinning wheel kick nearly lands flush for Aldo. Wild exchange closes out the round. 

Round 2: 
Jung pressures forward then wings out a front kick. Jung storms inside again. This time Aldo cracks him on the way in. Aldo catches Jung with a stiff jab. Aldo scores a few more shots from the clinch, then follows it up with a big body-body-head combination. Aldo scoring that jab at will. Jung misses with a looping right. Aldo fires back. Aldo staggers Jung with a jab. Jung pushes Aldo back with a straight right of his own. Aldo closes the distance and beasts Jung to the mat, advancing into side control. Jung recovers his guard then ties up. Aldo content to ride out the rest of the round. 

Round 3: 
Jung charges inside. Aldo backpedals and creates some distance. Aldo catches Jung midair during a flying knee attempt then powerbombs him onto the canvas. Jung saddles up against the fence. Jung lands a few grazing punches from the bottom then works to his feet. Aldo drops down for a double leg, then hunts for an outside trip. Jung defends, but this is still far from an ideal situation. Dean asks for action. Dean asks again. And there's the stand-up. Jung opens up with a flurry. Aldo eats a few shots then muscles Jung against the cage. Jung briefly grasps for a front headlock but he can't get it. Dean once again asks for action. Aldo seems content to just sit on this single leg attempt. Dean splits up the action. Huge flying knee attempt sends Jung toppling OVER Aldo. Wow. Aldo ends the round with his back on the mat. 

Round 4: 
We're in the championship rounds. Aldo's corner doesn't want their fighter to keep going to takedowns. Aldo misses wildly with a hook. Neither fighter really mixing together combinations, both relying on single shots. Jung connects with an overhand right. Uh-oh. It looks like Jung's right shoulder separated out of its socket. Jung desperately tries to pop it back it. Aldo sees the opening and starts bombarding the shoulder with high kicks. Jung drops and Aldo swarms. Jung is clutching onto his shoulder while Aldo unleashes a salvo. That's it. Jose Aldo defends his UFC featherweight title.

UFC 163 results: Jose Aldo def. Chan Sung Jung via TKO (strikes) at 2:00 of round four.

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