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Round 1: Referee Leon Roberts oversees this light heavyweight co-main event. No glove touch for this one. Davis connects with a body kick followed by a leg kick. Davis goes back to the leg kick and Machida answers with one of his own. Machida drops his hands to coax Davis inside, but Davis won't bite. Another kick to the midsection lands for Davis. Machida blocks a superman punch, then fires off a left high kick. Neither fighter really willing to engage. Big overhand right finds a home for Davis. Machida pushes Davis back with a front kick. Davis responds with a high kick. Machida explodes forward with a salvo of punches that drop Davis to a knee! Davis recovers and shoots for a power double. He gets it, advancing right into half guard. Davis hunting for a kimura but Machida defends. Davis unloads a few shots to the body as the horn sounds. Slow round, but Machida wins it with his flurry. 

Round 2: Davis tosses out a front kick and circles left. Machida looks low then cracks Davis with a high kick. Machida blocks a head kick. Superman punch barely misses Machida's chin. Machida lunges inside, lands a punch then backs out. Davis continues to work the body with single shots. This round is completely up for grabs. Machida closes the distance and stuffs a takedown. Davis tries again, and again it's stuffed. Davis eats a straight left. Machida finds a home for his right hand, but Davis uses the moment to drag him to the mat and unload punches from the top. Another close round.

Round 3: Machida slips a shot then fires off a counter right. Davis is starting to open up, but he's hitting nothing but air. Machida shakes off a half-hearted double leg attempt. Machida catches Davis coming in, lands a knee to his midsection, then takes Davis' back. Davis powers to his feet and disengages. Davis makes Machida chase him. Machida connects with a big left hand. Davis changes levels but is resoundingly stuffed. Machida's takedown defense is absurd. Davis lunges inside with a superman punch. Davis drops down for another double leg attempt, but again Machida stays on his feet. One last exchange ends the round. Another close one, folks. 

UFC 163 results: Phil Davis def. Lyoto Machida via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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