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Rani Yahya vs. Josh Clopton

Round 1: Both fighters open orthodox. Yahya chases down a single on Yahya and locks up an trip from underneath Clopton by disrupting his base. From 50/50 guard, Yahya climbs on top by threatening with the heel hook to sit his hips up and force Clopton down. Yahya methodically moves to mount even after Clopton briefly establishes butterfly guard.

Round 2: Yahya opens southpaw and switches stances side to side. Yahya chasing down another takedown against the fence and secures it. Yahya now works his passing game and secures mount. Yahya now in half guard trying to secure far side kimura.

Round 3: Yahya switching stances and is in on a single, but Clopton hits a switch, lands on top and is now in Yahya's open guard. Clopton presses Yahya into the fence, but isn't very busy on top. They both stand and trade wild strikes. Clopton scores with a knee up the middle. Clopton secures a trip, but Clopton backs out and they're on their feet. Right hand from Yahya tags Clopton and he's in on a single. He lands it barely and the round ends with him on top.

Rani Yahya def. Josh Clopton via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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