Louis Gaudinot vs. Tim Elliot

Round 1: Good, fast-paced action to start, but one of Elliot’s strikes lands to the eye of Gaudinot, forcing a stop in the action. Gaudinot gets a little too close and Elliot scores a takedown, working quickly for a guillotine while in half-guard. Gaudinot trying to flip him over, but Elliot gives up the choke and goes to work on the body. Elliot with a stiff kick-strike to the body combo, and a flying knee lands, creating a gasp from the crowd. Gaudinot, the man with green hair, goes to work on the lead leg and is doing some damage to it. He clinches against the cage and lands a knee to the body. Elliot drops for an ankle pick, misses, lands a left and gets a bow from Gaudinot for his efforts. Unique little exchange there that you don’t see in MMA. Elliot with several knees and drops Gaudinot to the canvas with a takedown. He moves to a more dominate position and is connecting. Hammer-fists to the face by Elliot, and more of them as his corner yells out for it. Constant pressure and Elliot is in complete control with a minute remaining. Elliot with more effective strikes and another takedown.

Round 2: Elliot back to the flying attacks, but his knee attempt misses. Another flying knee is unsuccessful, but it allows him to close the gap and clinch, landing strikes from inside, including an elbow that bloodies Gaudinot. Spinning back kick by Gaudinot misses, as Elliot continues to pressure and cut off the cage. Elliot strings together another combo that lands, and Gaudinot goes back to work with his feet, firing off a stiff kick. Gaudinot’s nose is likely broken, as its bleeding and he’s breathing out of his mouth more now. Elliot with a takedown and into half-guard, doing more than enough damage. Uppercuts getting through and just constant attacking by Elliot as we go under a minute.

Round 3: We start the round where we left the second, as Elliot’s on top after another takedown. Elbows from the top getting through and doing damage, as Gaudinot is trying to sweep his way out. Elliot hammering away from mount, works for a submission and moves back to full mount. Gaudinot hip escapes to half-guard, but is still  unable to get any offense going. Nasty elbows to the face connect, and Elliot is looking like a future challenger. Elliot continues to pound on Gaudinot, going over the 160-mark in strikes landed. Under a minute, and just vicious elbows from in close to the head.

Tim Elliot def. Louis Gaudinot via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-26)

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