Soa Palelei vs. Nikita Krylov

Round 1: These two do not get out of the first round, so this might be quick. Palelei catches a kick, lifts Krylov up and slams him hard to the canvas. Krylov looks for a guillotine, but is unable to lock it up on the big head of Palelei, who is attempting to pass the guard. Palelei into half-guard and he lands a pair of big rights. Krylov with some nice punches from the bottom, he even pulls him back in and is working for an arm lock. Krylov has the left arm trapped, but Palelei is able to land several huge rights and mounts. Big lefts and rights allows him to take the back and secure a hook. Krylov is able to get out, though, and he goes on the attack. Big shots from Krylov and Palelei is breathing heavily. Palelei takes the back and brings him to the mat, landing some nice rights. Kimura attempt by Krylov, but he’s unable to secure it and pulls guard. Krylov throws up a triangle with a minute left, but Palelei is too big. Krylov throws on a cruicifix and almost locks it up but is unable to get it.

Round 2: Palelei was complaining about his ribs and pointing to them, and almost seemed to be ready to stay on the stool. His corner is telling him there is no way he is quitting, and they even apologize to the camera for foul language. Krylov looks to attack the body, and pulls guard once again right off the bat. Palelei is able to get to full mount and land some nice rights, taking the back again but he gets his right arm trapped. To the back once again for Palelei, but you can tell he is tired and hurt, as he isn’t able to string together combinations. Both men find some energy in the tank, teeing off on one another. Krylov is getting the upper-hand, landing a knee to the body. Palelei is showing extreme signs of fatigue and I honestly don’t think he is going to be able to go in the third. Krylov with a combo, and even throws a spinning kick followed by a knee to the face. Krylov just throwing lefts and rights with no defense as we go under 40 seconds. Huge knee by Krylov but Palelei remains standing.

Round 3: Palelei still complaining about his ribs, and his coach tells the medical staff it’s just a strain. Huge right hand by Palelei to start and Krylov clinches to recover and find himself. Both men are exhausted and showing it, and the crowd is booing. Krylov is either looking to sweep a leg or a foot submission, but Palelei just falls on him and is now in mount, hammering down with lefts and rights. No defense by Krylov, who is curling up and Palelei is going off. That’s it, as the ref has seen enough and steps in.

Soa Palelei def. Nikita Krylov via TKO (strikes) at 1:34 of Round 3

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