We head to the lightweight division, as Ontario’s own Jesse Ronson (13-2) makes his UFC debut against Brazilian Michel Prazeres (16-1). Ronson, nicknamed “The Body Snatcher,” is replacing Mark Bocek in this bout. The referee will be Yves Lavigne.

Round 1: Prazeres taking advantage of his ground skills, working for an arm triangle or a possible choke right off the bat. Complete control for the Brazilian on the mat, transitioning smoothly and staying in complete control. Prazeres takes the back, flattens him out with ease and is positioning himself for a rear-naked choke. Just under two minutes left in the round. Something of a neck crank/choke by Prazeres here, but Ronson is able to break it. Still, Prazeres is mounted on his back and in complete control of this round. Ronson needs to survive the final 50 seconds and keep it standing if he makes it to the second.

Round 2: Ronson appears as ease with what happened in the first five minutes, but he needs to keep this fight standing to win. Ronson misses with a right and Prazeres scores an easy takedown. Ronson throwing his shots too wildy and fighting too upright, making it easy for Prazeres to take him to the canvas. Prazeres cranking on the neck, using it to work him back to the mat. Ronson gets upright and free with three minutes to go. Prazeres lands a right and scores with another takedown. Through eight minutes, this one has been all Prazeres, as Ronson has failed to show much of his offense. Ronson gets out and free, landing a nice left to the body and a head-kick. Maybe now he can get something going as we go under a minute. Ronson fends off a takedown attempt, and a second, but is unable to do any kind of damage to finish the round.

Round 3: Front-kick to the body by Ronson to start, as Prazeres appears to be a little winded now. Right uppercut connects by Ronson, who is moving with some excitement. Stiff kick to the lead leg, followed by a head-kick attempt. Ronson is changing levels and his corner is instructing him to stay working. Another head kick attempt, as Prazeres looks up at the clock and seems exhausted with three-plus minutes to go. Here comes Prazeres back, digging deep and landing a couple of nice rights. Ronson answers with a hook-cross combo. Prazeres goes for a takedown and is denied, as Ronson peppers his legs with some more stiff kicks. Two minutes to go and Prazeres is fighting on one leg after several nasty kicks to him while he was grounded. Two lefts by Ronson to the chin, who just misses with a hook. Prazeres shakes off a kick that just misses his head. Another look to the clock by Prazeres and he scores with a takedown, likely sealing this fight for him with that. Ronson transitions and scores with a slam to end the round.

Michel Prazeres def. Jesse Ronson via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

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