Round 1: Jury with a nice kick, but Ricci counters with an overhand left. Ricci has the reach advantage, thus Jury is using his kicks to find the range from where to strike. Ricci snaps off a pair of left kicks, and Jury answers with a head-kick of his own. Jury lands a right that stops Ricci for a brief moment. Jury clasps his hands and slams Ricci to the canvas with a double-leg as we go under two minutes. Ricci attempting to get to his feet, but Jury has control of the ankle. The ref warns them to advance positioning, and Ricci decides to start landing elbows to the head.

Round 2: Jury with a spinning back fist that misses, and Ricci nearly lands a straight kick to the face. Ricci moving with more confidence now, opening up his offense a little more and putting together combos. Nothing really powerful, though, as both men are being very cautious. Left jab by Ricci connects, as does another. Body kick lands by Ricci, as the Canadian crowd starts to grow restless with a lack in action. Finally, Jury answers back with a body kick of his own. Missed spinning back fist by Jury.

Round 3: Ricci with a straight left right off the bat, igniting some emotion from the crowd for the first time. Jury circling, and he shoots for a takedown, which he gets. Ricci works back to his feet without Jury getting in any real offense on the ground. Before he can get completely free, though, Jury drags him back to the canvas with just under three minutes to go. Ricci transitions and has Jury up against the fence. Another switch, this time by Jury. Jury takes the back as we go under two minutes, but is unable to do anything with it. Loud boos from the Air Canada Centre now. Ricci gains control, looking to advance his positions as seconds tick away.

Myles Jury def. Mike Ricci via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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