We open up action with a heavyweight contest between Nandor Guelmino (11-4) seeking to rebound from his first loss in eight fights against Daniel Omielanczuk (15-3). This marks the Octagon debut for both fighters. Dan Miragliotta will be the referee in charge.

Round 1: Think we’ve got every vowel in the alphabet between these two, and maybe each letter thanks to the ref. As you might have expected, we have heavy blows early from these two, as Guelmino is throwing his right with nasty thoughts. Omielanczuk doing a nice job of avoiding the strikes, showing good head movement for a big man. Omielanczuk tosses up a head kick, ducks under with the clinch and is bullying his way for better position. Enough of that and they are separated. Really either fighter can still claim the round with two minutes to go. Guelmino lands a nice knee inside the clinch, and Omielanczuk throws a foot stomp, followed by knees to the thigh region. Pair of front kicks from Guelmino, who just misses with a right. Superman punch misses, too, and Omielanczuk counters. Takedown from Omielanczuk scores, but Guelmino quickly to his feet.

Round 2: Omielanczuk comes out firing, scoring with a takedown off some nice powerful strikes. Guelmino appears to be hurt, but is able to recover from the onslaught. Another takedown by Omielanczuk, who is in half-guard. Guelmino slips out after a kimura attempt, which allows Guelmino to take the back. Omielanczuk appears a little winded after the offensive attack, as Guelmino has him wrapped and lands a nice shot to the head. Guelmino fresher and the better mat grappler, as he is controlling things. Omielanczuk tries for a leg lock, but is unable to get it. Under a minute and Guelmino is in complete control, though he also appears to be losing steam.

Round 3: Some deep breathing by both heavyweights, which could make for an interesting third round. Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg are offering reasons for the tiredness, saying travel, first-time Octagon nerves; feels more like two guys not ready for this spotlight. Some knees by Omielanczuk inside the clinch, but the ref quickly separates. Side-kick by Guelmino, and another. Halfway home and another warning to stay busy by the ref. As evident by how hard Omielanczuk is breathing, Guelmino lands a body kick that knocks his mouthpiece out. And just like that, Omielanczuk lands a big left out of nowhere, flooring Guelmino and finishing this one. What a knockout. Guelmino tries to get to his feet and drops to the canvas again.

Daniel Omielanczuk def. Nandor Guelmino via KO (left-hand) at 3:18 of Round 3

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