Round 1: Nelson takes the center of the cage while Cormier works on the outside.  Nelson moves forward and Cormier changes levels and takes the fight to the ground.  Cormier lands to the body.  Nelson rolls and stands.  Cormier drags him back to the ground.  Nelson stands and eats a knee in the process.  Nelson looks for a kimura as Cormier works for a single leg takedown.  Cormier gets the fight back to the ground.  Nelson gets back up.  They’re clinched along the cage.  Cormier delivers a knee to the body.  Cormier lands to the body followed by a knee to the body.  Cormier lands a low blow and Nelson is given time to recover.  Nelson is okay to continue and the fight is restarted.  Nelson misses with a right hand.  Cormier lands a combination.  Cormier lands another combination.  Nelson smiles and misses with a right hand.  The round ends.  

Round 2: Nelson throws his jab.  Cormier fakes a takedown.  Cormier delivers an outside leg kick.  Cormier moving forward.  Nelson lands to the body.  Cormier lands a big right hand and ties Nelson up.  He lands a knee to the body followed by a combination.  Cormier works for a single leg takedown and gets it, but Nelson immediately gets back to his feet.  Cormier presses him against the cage.  Cormier lands an uppercut inside the clinch.  Nelson is breathing heavily.  Nelson circles free.  Cormier lands a combination.  They exchange leg kicks.  Cormier works some kicks into his attack.  He lands to the body with a left hand.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Cormier.

Round 3: Nelson’s corner tells him to throw punches and that he needs a knockout.  Cormier’s corner tells him to have fun.  Cormier lands an outside leg kick.  Nelson inches forward.  Cormier lands a right hand.  Cormier is much faster than Nelson.  He lands back-to-back leg kicks.  Cormier lands a front kick to the face of Nelson.  Nelson eats it.  Cormier looks up at the clock.  Nelson misses with a right hand.  Cormier steps in with a right hand and takes Nelson down.  Nelson quickly bounces back to his feet.  Cormier lands a push kick to the body.  Nelson puts his hands down and taunts Cormier.  Nelson misses with an uppercut.  Cormier lands a right hand.  Cormier stands right in front of Nelson and bobs and weaves.  Nelson lands a hard leg kick at the bell.  

30-27 for Cormier

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