Round One: Horiguchi throwing leg kicks out of a wide stance. Pague clinches and works to go to back — ends up taking Horiguchi’s back standing back with hooks. Pague stays latched to back for several minutes but no choke. Horiguchi finally is able to face and muscle Pague to the cage. Pague misses an elbow, lands a right. Knee in the clinch from Pague. Horiguchi with a right hand. Pague with a big takedown, but time runs out before he can capitalize. 10-9 round, Pague.
Round Two: Horiguchi with a huge left hook to drop Pague! Pague struggles to scramble out but Horiguchi stands over, landing shot after shot. Dean looks close to stopping bout. Pague able to pull Horiguchi in and sweep. Horiguchi scrambles to his feet, gets a trip takedown of his own. Horiguchi landing punches in Pague’s half guard. Horiguchi postures up in Pague’s full guard and lands punch after punch. Pague unable to control Horiguchi’s posture, Horiguchi tees off and gets the stop at 3:51.

 Kyoji Horiguchi defeats Dustin Pague by TKO (Punches) at 3:51 of round two.

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