Round One:
Khabilov goes over the top right a right hand connecting flush with Masvidal’s chin after faking a shot. Khabilov once again goes over the top with a right, this time after setting it up with a jab. Khabilov presses forward, doubling up his jab backing Masvidal up. Khabilov ducks under a punch from Masvidal and connects with yet another right. Masvidal looking very patient, while Khabilov is starting off very aggressive. They close the distance and Masvidal lands a good right off the break. Khabilov lands a jab to the body and tries to come in with an elbow from the same arm. Khabilov comes forward with a three punch combination. Khabilov ducks under a punch and changes levels looking to trip Masvidal, Masvidal defends. Masvidal lands a hard kick to the body.Masvidal follows it up with a flying knee but Khabilov grabs hold of a leg and gets Masvidal to the ground. Masvidal is back up to his feet and lands another knee to the body. Masvidal attempts another flying knee. Masvidal now pressing forward. Khabilov catches a low kick and throws a punch over the top, followed by a clinch against the cage before the bell sounds.

Round Two:
Khabilov starts the round with another overhand right attempt, Masvidal looking calm as he was in the first. Khabilov goes to the body then the head but misses on the head. He then catches Masvidal moving forward with another right. Masvidal responds with a kick to the body followed by a low kick. Khabilov going to the body then follows up with an overhand right. Masvidal with another body kick. The two clinch up but Masvidal slips out. Masvidal comes forward with a left, Khabilov with an overhand right once again. Masvidal continues to be the aggressor. Masvidal clinches with Khabilov landing two knees but Khabilov separates and then lands a hook to the body and wings an overhand right that misses wide. Masvidal clinches once again and secures an outside trip landing some elbows but Khabilov returns to his feet and lands a knee to the body of Masvidal. Khabilov shoots for a single leg looking to drag Masvidal down. Khabilov takes his back and drags him to the ground. Masvidal spins towards Khabilov and is looking to switch the takedown around. They disengage and return to their feet. Khabilov lands a left before the bell.

Round Three:
Masvidal standing infront of Khabilov slowly walking him down but Khabilov is still active with strikes. Masvidal working his jab a bit more, setting up an overhand right with a feint. Khabilov still looking very light on his feet, circling around Masvidal. Khabilov lands a HUGE spinning heel kick that lands flush, sending Masvidal to the mat. Khabilov takes the back of Masvidal. Masvidal rolls, Khabilov stays with him and stays behind him. Masvidal scrambles. They separate. Masvidal shoots for a take down, Khabilov switches it and takes his back once more. Khabilov looks for a rear naked, Masvidal rolls and ends up in side control. Khabilov hip escapes and they are back to their feet! Half way through the round. Masvidal clips Khabilov with a right. Khabilov shoots for the take down, Masvidal stuffs it. Masvidal shoots for a take down, Khabilov defends but Masvidal drives through pressing him against the cage. Masvidal tosses Khabilov down but Khabilov pops up quickly. Khabilov looking more fatigued than Masvidal at this point, but still throwing his overhand. Masvidal looked for a spinning back kick of his own but Khabilov catches his kick and drags him to the ground moving to his back. Masvidal tried to roll out but Khabilov stuck with him. Masvidal hits a switch and takes Khabilov’s back but Khabilov escapes. They separate. Khabilov immediately shoots again, pressing Masvidal against the cage. Masvidal turns him around. Khabilov trips him down. Masvidal then tries to turn it into a double leg but Khabilov sprawls and punishes the body of Masvidal. The bell sounds.

Rustam Khabilov defeats Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

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