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Round 1: Herb Dean is your main-event ref. An early positional clinch battle ends up with Kampmann scoring a trip. Condit rolls out of it, but Kampmann postures up to his feet. Condit works for a leglock, but doesn't get it. Kampmann back in Condit's guard. They work back to their feet, Kampmann with another takedown and a rear-naked choke attempt, but Condit gets out. Back to their feet again. They're clinched again. Two minutes left. Kampmann with another takedown. Standing again with about a minute left. Condit throws standing elbows off the break. Condit whiffing on high kicks. Another Kampmann takedown. Kampmann's round easy, but you have to figure the pace favors Condit if it keeps up.

Round 2: Condit picks up the pace with his strikes, and also sprawls Kampmann's first takedown attempt. Kampmann shoots for a single, and Condit again sprawls. Condit flips position and gets Kampmann's back. He lands an elbow to the head as Kampmann gets to safety. Condit with a two-punch combo to the head. Kampmann with a combo of his own. Condit lands a couple rights and a body kick. Two minutes left. Condit throwing heavier volume. Kampmann lands  nice left. Kampmann goes for a double with about a minute left but can only push Condit against the fence. Kampmann with a counter combo and a failed takedown attempt. Nice rebound by Condit in round two. 

Round 3: Kampmann shoots the double, Condit initially resists it, but Kampmann turns it into a slam. Condit works back to his feet. Condit uses a jab to set up a head kick. He's moving Kampmann backward and lands an elbow right between Kampmann's eyes. Condit with a head kick. Kampmann's face is busted wide open. Condit keeping the pressure on. Condit landing the straight right at will. Condit lands a flying knee. Condit with an amazing transition to a choke on the ground. He spins out, gets his back, rains down punches. Somehow Kampmann gets back to his feet late.  

Round 4: Kampmann comes out with an early takedown attempt. Condit is just piling it on with punches and knees. A huge left hook to the jaw and a body shot were the big blows. He drops Kampmann with knees and Dean steps in and waves it off. Excellent performance for the "Natural Born Killer." 

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