Round 1: Neal Hall is our referee. Lots of pattycake early. Hallman opens with a straight right. Trinaldo rips a left to the midsection. Trinaldo staggers Hallman with a looping overhand right. Hallman shakes it off and stalks forward. Trinaldo sends Hallman reeling with a body kick. Trinaldo follows up and Hallman drops to his knees. Trinaldo can't capitalize. Hallman stands but he's still in trouble. Trinaldo muscles Hallman against the fence, then releases back to the center of the cage. Trinaldo slams another kick into Hallman's body. Hallman eats an uppercut and fires back. Trinaldo swinging heavy leather but Hallman is doing his best to avoid any danger. Trinaldo changes levels and secures a double. Hallman uses the fence to stand.

Round 2: Hallman catches a high kick and plants Trinaldo on his back, landing in half guard. Trinaldo powers to his feet. Hallman shoots for another takedown. Trinaldo counters by threatening with a leglock. Hallman defends and stands. Trinaldo works for a double against the fence. Hallman slams elbows into the side of Trinaldo's head then sprawls to defend the takedown. Hallman winds up on top and Trinaldo could be fading. Hallman unloads a series of short elbows. Hall warns Hallman to keep them legal. Hallman snatches Trinaldo's right arm and hunts for a kimura from side control. He might have it. That's it! Trinaldo taps. The Brazilian crowd is dead silent.

Piotr Hallman def. Francisco Trinaldo via submission (kimura) at 3:50 of round two.

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