Round 1: Zeferino pressing Silverio into the fence, but so far nothing doing. Zeferino eats a knee for his efforts, but he's still pressing Silverio into the cage. Zeferino switching between doubles, singles and body locks, but referee Leon Roberts separates them. Silverio attempts a few wild strikes, none of which land and Zeferino is pressing him into the fence again. The referee separates them again after an inadvertent groin strike and now they're striking in the middle. Zeferino tries to time a takedown in the center of the cage, but can't get it and no Zeferino pulls guard. Silverio walking Zeferino around the cage with pressure, but Zeferino nearly scores a head kick flush.

Round 2: Zeferino goes right back to where he was, pushing Silverio into the fence. The two now jockey for position while scoring small shots. And the referee separates them. Silverio scores a hammer of a right hand and follows Zeferino to the ground after a brief scramble. Silverio charging forward with strikes and pays for it with a trip body lock to the ground. Zeferino backs up out of Silverio's guard. They go back to striking.

Round 3: Silverio fires a knee to Zeferino and follows Zeferino the mat. Zeferino recaptures guard and lands an inadvertent but illegal upkick. The bout is temporarily halted, but resumes. Silverio plants Zeferino on the mat and kicks the legs, but Zerferino returns the favor and gets on top, but Silverio gets right back on top after a trip. Zererino turtles and Silverio is punching him, but without much authority. Zeferino rolls through and they stand as Silverio backs out. Silverio ends the round having stuffed Zeferino's last takedown attempt.

Elias Silverio def. Joao Zeferino via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
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